What is Five Elements Acupuncture?

Five Elements is a Traditional Chinese Medicine dating back over 2000 years. What makes it different is that it aims to treat the root of the problem and not just the symptom and it tries to do this with as few needles as possible.

As a member of the British Acupuncture Council I am fully insured and follow their code of ethics

Why choose acupuncture?

Acupuncturists treat the whole person, not just a specific condition. This means every patient’s treatment plan will be different. 

Whether you’re looking to treat a specific symptom, or looking to acupuncture to maintain general wellbeing, many patients will return again and again because they find it so beneficial and relaxing.

What can I expect from treatment?

Before any treatment, I will take a full medical history so that I can create a plan tailored to you. My supervisor will always give feedback on this to ensure maximum effectiveness for you. 

Treatment involves using tiny acupuncture needles, and possibly the use of ‘moxibustion’ – but don’t worry. I will explain all that in your first consultation.

What does treatment feel like?

Many fear that it’s painful but in reality, the sensation reported is usually tingling or a dull ache. 

In some instances, you may need to inform your doctor that you’re planning treatment. However, you can be assured that as practitioners, we are trained to recognise any potentially serious underlying issues and will always refer you back to your GP if necessary. 

Please make sure you also bring a list of any current medication you take so that I can consider that in your consultation.





Initial Consultation and treatment

90 to 120 minutes


Subsequent appointments

60 minutes


Manual Lymphatic Drainage

60 minutes


Cancellation policy: 48 hours notice

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